Homeopathic medicines work wonders

Posted by Admin | 10/15/2012 | 0 comments »

The fact that homeopathic medicines work wonders was recently proved to me when I suffered a fracture in my foot. Because of the type of fracture that it was, I was told that I should not walk on that foot for the next 6 weeks, and that it might take even longer than that for it to heal completely. I was feeling very depressed because I also heard that, if the fracture does not heal properly, one could keep experiencing pain in that foot throughout their life. I voiced my concern to my uncle, who told me not to worry at all. He said that there is a homeopathic medicine called Symphytum Officinale which heals fractures very fast and very effectively. I started taking this medicine right from the outset and the result was that, not only was my fracture healed within 6 weeks, but I was also walking without any pain, discomfort, or any other residual problems. If you or any one you know has a fracture and would like to know how to take this harmless medicine that has no side effects, just leave a comment below.

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