I just received a mail in my inbox with the above title. It talked about how researchers have found that pomegranate juice not only seems to prevent hardening of the arteries by minimizing blood vessel damage, but the antioxidant-rich juice could also reverse the progression of this disease.Hardening of the arteries, also called atherosclerosis, refers to the build up of plaque in the walls of arteries. This results in decreased blood flow that can precipitate heart attacks and strokes.

The tests indicated that pomegranate juice minimized the effects of stress on human blood vessel cells by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. This chemical may help keep arteries open and keep blood flowing. Researchers feel that the beneficial effects of pomegranate juice on hardening of the arteries are probably due to its high antioxidant content. The study revealed that the antioxidant level in pomegranate juice was higher than that found in other fruit juices, including blueberry, cranberry, orange, and even red wine. 

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