Many people want an early retirement with a nice house, fancy car and the works, but very few people take it seriously and actually start working on achieving their plans. Sometimes it does not even feature in their future vision and they laugh when you ask them about retirement planning. This is because, when you're young, it seems like retirement is something which will never come your way. It's hard to imagine being retired, then getting older and not being able to work or even move around much, but the fact is that it happens to everyone. It's also a fact that many people don't prepare for it the way they should and are left helpless. This can be avoided to a large extent if you plan your finances well. With advancement in technology life expectancy is likely to increase, so you will have to fend for more number of years post retirement. Old age brings along a number of health problems for which you may require money for surgeries, medicines, extra care, nurses, and general help around the house and otherwise. Such medical expenditure may make a huge dent in your income post retirement. Failure to save could lead you to liquidate (sell) your assets in order to meet such expenses. Mediclaims do not always suffice. You also need to take into account inflation while calculating your retirement corpus as well as your returns. is a website that can provide a host of information about retirement planning and how to manage the financial needs for seniors and baby boomers, especially during the current economic downturn.

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