This video is one that you MUST see. Amazing!

The residents of Cali, Colombia, have been shocked to see the bond between a large African lion and a woman who saved it from abuse, involving long, affectionate kisses and hugs between the pair. Ana Julia Torres, who runs the Villa Lorena animal shelter in Cali, fed and nursed Jupiter the African lion back to health years ago after it was found abused and emaciated in a traveling circus. "It is amazing to see an animal like that be so sweet and affectionate," said Torres. "This hug is the most sincere one that I have received in my life." Here's the amazing video of the African lion who kisses and hugs the woman who saved it:

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      1. Naresh Sarkar // May 28, 2015 at 12:33 AM  

        This is video is nice thank for post