Shopping made fun

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Does shopping online ever seem monotonous and dreary to you? If so, you should check out ShopWiki’s blog called Overlooked, which can transform the shopping experience for you. This blog basically pokes fun at anything and has hilarious stories and entries to read, which in turn link to great products on the web, some of them as crazy as can be. For example, there’s a popcorn maker in the shape of a duck which looks like it's vomiting the popcorn. A variety of such new and interesting products and online stores from across the internet are scoured for, and the best of these overlooked items are linked to within the stories on the blog. So you can always find some weird, wacky, and wonderful things, as well as novel gift ideas, worth checking out. The links on the blog lead to a list of stores (with prices) stocking the products.

There’s also a weekly post called “Hunk Friday” where, every Friday, a wannabe hunk is profiled and the entry is interspersed with all sorts of things for sale on the web. Actually, the beauty is in never knowing what kinds of crazy products to expect. Hence, browsing through the blog makes it pretty fun, as well as an adventure, to shop online.

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