Is there anything like eating “too much garlic”? Well, whether garlic is "too much" or not depends on the situation and person. For example, keeping the blood thin and slippery is especially useful for those who have arteriosclerosis or a previous history of myocardial infarction, as dangerous clots don’t form which could result in a heart attack or stroke. Garlic lowers cholesterol and reduces blood sugar/glucose levels, which is extremely beneficial for those who have diabetes. Also, when you feel a cold/cough/flu coming on, taking extra garlic works like an antibiotic and drives the virus away, so you don’t end up becoming sick or at least the duration is less (try it, it actually works and you will rarely fall sick).

However, of course, for about a week prior to having any kind of operation, you should refrain from eating garlic or aspirin (both perform the same function) because it could result in excessive bleeding from any incisions that are made. Moreover, you should not eat garlic and aspirin (or any other kind of blood thinning medication) together, as it would excessively thin the blood. I too was weary of excessive garlic before but, with experience, I found that eating some extra garlic just in the normal course does not have any bad effect that I know of or that has been documented in my knowledge. Can you tell that this garliholic has become one of the biggest proponents of garlic?!

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