Growing lemon trees

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Lemons are an indispensable part of a meal. They have so many good qualities that enhance one's health. That is why my garden has always had a lemon tree. Growing a lemon tree is not difficult at all. You just need the right conditions for it to flourish. Choose the sunniest spot in the yard to plant a lemon tree in the ground, or pot a dwarf variety in a small garden. Harvest the fruit buds when they appear for the fi rst few seasons, as fruit fails to ripen properly while the tree is young and growing branches and leaves. Twist lemons off the stem to avoid harming the tree. Fertilise with organic matter or manure every three to six months, or add slow-release fertiliser if potted. Soil should be kept moist but not wet as too much water yellows the leaves until they drop. Prune to encourage new growth by cutting back half the current season's growth before planting. Prune again when the tree has matured and annually to keep fruit within reach.

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