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Posted by Admin | 12/29/2009 | 1 comments »

One of my friends is getting married in a few weeks time and was asking me if I knew of any good photographer in dallas who could do her wedding album for her. She has really been looking forward to this wedding since ages and has meticulously planned out all the details. Almost everything else such as the invitations and the venue has already been taken care of. My friend is just very choosy about the photographer because the photos are the only memories she will have of her wedding years down the line. I knew of a dallas photographer that my sister-in-law who lives in Dallas had used for her wedding, and hence told her about him. Actually, there are a lot of reputed names when it comes to dallas photography, so it is often difficult to decide which photographer to go ahead with. However, she has now finally decided upon the photographer I recommended to her.

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      1. Go Big // March 22, 2010 at 6:59 PM  

        Almost as good for Dallas headshots and Dallas portraits as