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Are you looking for some canvas wall paintings for the rooms in your home or office, but are not satisfied with the kind of variety available to you? I am sure, at one point or another, you have desired to be able to turn one of your photographs into a wall hanging. Well, although this has been possible for a long time (simply by blowing up the image) but it was common knowledge that the output suffered and the end result did not look all too good. I mean, you would not want a blurry, poor color and poor resolution painting hanging on your walls above your expensive and tasteful furniture, would you?

With the advent of canvas printing, which uses the latest bespoke canvas printing technology, this no longer has to be the case and you can enjoy seeing your most treasured photos up on your walls in the form of canvas prints.

Currently this technology is being used by companies such as Point101 and, through their service, they are able to print your photos on canvas. Of course I did initially have concerns about the output quality. I thought there would be loss of sharpness of color and that the size I requested might result in some pixelation, but no, it was wonderfully clear and the image sharp. I came to know that this was because they only print at 1440 dpi on Epson Ultrachrome Printers which is twice the output quality of their competitors.

What I really liked was their confidence about their affordability. They actually told me that if I can find anyone offering the same quality product at a lower price, they will not only match that price but give me a further 10% off. Needless to say, I did not find anyone offering me a more lower price than they were.

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