With Amazon Video On Demand, you can now instantly watch movies and television shows commercial-free on Macs or PCs. With this new service, you have the ability to enjoy instant playback of hit Hollywood movies and the latest TV shows and episodes such as The Office, House, Law & Order, etc.

To make it easy to decide to rent or purchase a movie or TV show, the first two minutes of videos automatically play at no charge when you visit the product detail page. At any time during this 2-minute viewing period, you can choose to purchase or rent the title to watch it in its entirety. TiVo(R) users can still download movies and TV shows to their TiVo DVR and watch on their TVs as before.

Video on Demand price-wise seems better when compared to the competition. For example, most of the movies are available both to rent and purchase in prices ranging from $2.99-3.99 for rentals, and $9.99-14.99 for purchases. TV shows cost $1.99 a pop. However, the prices for entire seasons (this includes "TV passes" for curjavascript:void(0)rent seasons that will shell out new episodes over time) on the whole beat the iTunes Store quite well. Moreover, you don't need to pay the entire price up front for a TV pass. You can get a 5 percent discount for each episode you buy (making them $1.89 apiece). You can also cancel TV passes whenever you wish, but you still get to keep the episodes you already purchased.

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