For those of you who use SiteMeter, here's some news. The current SiteMeter platform will be shutting down very soon and the new one is tentatively scheduled to start up over the weekend of September 13th to 14th, 2008. With respect to this, there are a few facts that you should be aware of:

  1. After the migration, all Premium Accounts will have to pay only one flat fee of $6.95 a month or $59.00 a year. This is applicable to both new members and current paid accounts.
  2. Although the SiteMeter Website won't be available during the migration weekend, stats will continue to be tracked.
  3. Visits Counts might be different, but they will be more accurate on the new platform. How so? The visit Counts will likely be higher, because the new platform will have the ability to track visits using cookies. This will let SiteMeter distinguish unique visitors much more precisely than it could on the old (current) platform. For example, unique visitors sitting behind one IP address would previously be able to be detectd only around half the time, but utilizing the cookie system makes the stats 100% accurate. Also, there's good news for those who are currently using SiteMeter's Free service but have large volumes of visit traffic. Previoulsy, your visit counts may have been lower than actual. However, on the new platform, you will get unlimited capacity on visit records which will longer affect visit counts.
  4. Page View counts will be much more accurate. This means that page view counts may be slightly lower, because SiteMeter has updated their Bot Filtering Database with the most current Bot list available. This gives them the ability to exclude counts to your stats from automated Bot’s travelling the internet hitting sites.
  5. You may experience a small gap in your stats while they transfer all accounts over to the new platform.
  6. You will have to “Activate” your SiteMeter account(s) on the new platform to obtain access to your new stats.
  7. Passwords will now be Case Sensitive.
  8. All your historical data will remain intact and be transferred over to the new platform.

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